Alex Sidorenko

Improve website design in a couple of hours

May 31, 2021

You are a developer. You made a website and submitted it to the client. The client loves it but says that the design could look better. They ask you to fix the design by the deadline, which is… tomorrow morning. What can you do? Where to start? Is it even possible?

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You won’t become a designer overnight. It’s impossible. So it doesn’t make sense to search for UX/UI courses. What may help is a design hotfix, something small, specific, and easily applicable to the existing design.

Design tips on Twitter

Steve Schoger has a collection of small UI tips on Twitter. Every tip has a screenshot containing a bad version of the design and how to fix it. Using this resource, you can easily identify problematic parts of your UI and fix them one by one. Some of them will have a great impact on your existing design, and some just moderate. Your task is to identify what tips will have the greatest impact and apply them.

Refactoring UI design tips on Twitter

Refactoring UI tutorials on YouTube

Another place to go is Refactoring UI playlist on YouTube. There you can see a couple of videos of Steve redesigning existing web pages. Identify the video with a design that resembles yours the most, and watch it. It will help you pinpoint the areas you can immediately improve on your website.

Refactoring UI design tips on YouTube

This should help you drastically improve the look of your website in a short time. Good luck!